• Children's Preschool

    Promiseland Preschool is a ministry of First Baptist Church that focuses on helping kids learn and develop at a young age. A nurturing, educational environment for young children to learn and grow. Read More
  • Our Mission

    Our goal is to offer the community a Christian-oriented program with an academic curriculum to guide the development of preschoolers. Read More
  • Caring Teachers

    Our loving staff care for your children and encourage them to learn at a steady pace. Watching your child grow is a special occasion for us, and we look to help them every step of the way. Read More
  • Qualified Teachers

    Our staff has both their 40-hour introductory training requirements and have at least their CDA credentials and a year of early childhood experience, as well as be certified in First Aid and CPR. Read More
  • Teaching Values

    We seek to identify areas of cognition, provide age-appropriate experiences, and select relevant materials which support the premise of meeting the child where he/she is and taking him/her from there to the next level. Read More
  • Educational Curriculum

    We have an excellent curriculum that will adjust to your child's learning pace and help them to grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Read More
  • 1 Children's Preschool
  • 2 Our Mission
  • 3 Caring Teachers
  • 4 Qualified Teachers
  • 5 Teaching Values
  • 6 Educational Curriculum

imagePromiseland Preschool
of First Baptist Church

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